Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only You, Lord, Only You.

Lord Jesus,
I present myself before You,
With head eternally bowed in reverence,
On knee perpetually bent in subservience,
Awed at Your Power,
Humbled by Your Grace,
Shamed by Your Perfection,
Absolutely undeserving of any of it.

I am saved by Your Grace, and Your Grace only;
Not any of my own sinful, selfish doing.
Only Your Love and Forgiveness.

Please be with me all my days,
Please guide my every thought and action,
Please always remind me of a higher standard,
Please protect all those I care about,
And draw them near to you that aren't already.

These things I humbly ask,
In my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's holy name,
Praising God forever.

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